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The​ "underrated" Magic Pill for Increased Production, Retention and Culture

Which kind of business owner are you:

"My team's not motivated. I need to motivate them."


"I’m living out my business core values, and has helped double our revenue this year because everyone seems aligned"


Lean a little closer to the motivation challenges in your business, and you might see between the lines. It's possible your team doesn't need motivation. They could simply be stressed out.

Financially stressed out.

Did you know: Employees lose an estimated 11-14% of their weekly hours to financial stress. Over a year, that generally means thousands - yes, THOUSANDS - of dollars wasted because your team is feeling the pinch.

And I get it.

COVID has been the first time I've ever felt this kind of stress, when revenue changed dramatically nearly overnight.

I wanted to walk away.

I wanted to quit. It felt like too much to handle. And if you asked me to do something else, or wanted me to be somewhere, all I could think about was the cost. I was blind to opportunity, and I was increasingly negative. Ask my friends, and family!

It's hard to shake this headspace.

But that ain't the worst of it. Get this. Stressed employees may be 5x more likely to miss a deadline, and 4x more likely to be late. Then there is the lost productivity while dealing with financial problems - calling credit card companies, emailing landlords, canceling services, managing overdraft fees and late payments. The laundry list goes on.

So the magic pill here, which we've shown can increase production, ramp up retention, create community and culture, and jumpstart engagement, is going to seem really, really simple.

This one thing can do all of these:

  • increase production

  • increase retention

  • create community and culture

  • jumpstart investment

All in on single business decision, would you even believe me??

Financial Wellness for Your Team

Seriously. This is the answer.

Reduction of financial stress by implementing programs that help your team right where they are.

Workshops, online solutions, content delivery, support networks and a sense of the 'big man' actually caring about more than just the work.

A business owner we're working said today, "I want my guys to know I believe in them, and I want them to grow even outside of these walls. I know they are worried. Where can we sign up?"

But you'd be shocked at how cost-effective this can be, more importantly, how PEOPLE-effective this can be.

It's the middle of the most challenging personal finance time in the lives of millennials, especially those in specific industries, trying to figure out what the heck is happening, with normal things out in the open and most importantly, having to deal with it alone.

  • What's open, what's closed?

  • Is family safe, am I safe?

  • What can I afford, what can I not? Do my kids have enough? Are they going back to school?

  • How do I afford my rent or mortgage? Will they cut me a break?

  • What happens with my student loan? Will interest keep going up if I don't pay this month?

  • Do I qualify for all these government programs?

  • How do I manage money, time, family, friends, kids, and my mental health?

And beyond all that - oh, yes. That's right. Work.

The workplace has evolved. Through transition remote, we're seeing more stress on mental health support, building connection within teams, and finding new ways to keep our teams together.

We launched our first series of financial wellness programs about 2 years ago, before we even knew that's what it was. We just thought it would help a team get more grounded.

The results, were astounding. People were on time. The communication got better. The team shared that they felt invested in.

People said "I feel confident managing my money now" and "This got me caught up to where I thought I should be in the process of 'adulting.'"

We got some surprising feedback too.

"I am getting ready for retirement from my regular job... and I did not know the in's and out's of how credit scores really worked."

"I definitely got some good tips to put to use to control my online spending."

We didn't realize how much impact we were having.

And I think every employer right now should consider doing this for their team.

Having worked with kids, adults, leaders, entrepreneurs and industry-shakers across the country, I want to share how magic this pill is.

Whether you hire us or another company over us, I want you to deeply consider a financial wellness program.

Your team will deeply benefit from this. They, at a time in history unlike any other, will value this.

If we can help, great! We'd love to walk your team through our workshops, online courses, content, support, community - all of it. But look beyond helping your team.

This little magic pill can power your second half of the year. Get that production back, get your culture in line, and make your team the most engaged team out there. If we can 4x the ROI in businesses like restaurants, tech, mechanics, installations, coaching and more, I'm sure that you can find a good fit for this kind of investment.

We're probably not the best in the industry. But we're the best with Millennials.

And if you aren't investing in this, well - I'm sure there's some other magic pill that can impact your business.

Good luck finding it! :)


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