Ortus Academy is made up of people that love to create possibility for our future leaders, including members of our team! Here's a little about us.

We know financial literacy (money) matters.

We believe Financial Intelligence matters more!


Financial intelligence means understanding more than the mechanics of money, but also the habits and emotions that drive our financial behaviors.


This sort of financial education can inspire and empower better people, families, schools, and communities.

We believe that in order to have a meaningful life, an individual needs to be financially intelligent.


We like to ask the deeper questions. The topic of money doesn't have to be taboo. The more we talk about and understand our habits, behaviors, and mindset, the more we understand our Why and can make Financially Intelligent decisions. 


Our beliefs, habits, and decisions around money have a profound impact on our lives.

Money effects our daily lives and plans, including our decisions around where we live, what we can learn, and how comfortable, secure, and free we feel. This varies from person to person of course, but the common thread is the same. Money affects our emotional and physical well being, and plays a large role in our sense of purpose, pride, providing for our family, and productivity. Money is essential to life.

Yet -- Money is a topic that the world offers very little wisdom about.

This absence of good guidance leaves us to learn too little too late, or through hardship and struggle, and for money to remain largely taboo, ignored, or unknown.

It is time we change all of that. 

This is why we started Ortus Academy -- to give young adults the education, resources, and community to have the best opportunity to navigate their finances as they grow. Our Foundational courses teach the core components to get off to a good start. Our Stability Courses teach those responsible for their financial choices already to get or regain control and then grow. Our Growth courses help those ready for the next step reach new heights in life.


Our social impact is to empower communities through education, one person or group at a time!

Why Ortus Academy Exists:

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our X3 Team Members

Our X3 Team Members are are working with us to get eXperience, eXposure, and eXcellence - simply stated, it is what we have decided to call our internship program. Our goal is to provide them with meaningful projects that engage them in our businesses beyond a traditional intern relationship. These individuals bring value to Ortus Academy and the expectation is we will do the same. 

Leanna Giancarlo

X3 - Instagram Manager

Leanna is an entrepreneur and real estate investor and aspiring film director. Oh, and she recently graduated high school! She lives in Florida and works with our team remotely to help us manage and grow our Instagram channel and is a youth voice for our company. 


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