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How to Increase the Financial IQ of those you care about 

We believe that in order to have a happy and meaningful life, an individual needs to be Financially Intelligent.


Financial Intelligence means mastering the mechanics of money, but also the habits and emotions that drive our financial behaviors.

The Money Coaches at Ortus Academy craft this Financial Education Blog to serve as a resource for parents and educators who want to teach their kids about money.  


We like to ask the deeper questions, because our young adults’ ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape requires a very strong sense of self-awareness and purpose

This Financial Education Blog is filled with games, tools, videos, and resources to help you teach Millennials and Gen Z about money in a fun and approachable way.


We've finally made learning about money cool, and we want to help as many caregivers as possible positively impact the young adults in their life!

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