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Who am I and What is Financial Intelligence?

I'm  Aaron Velky. I'm an entrepreneur, but I'm a guy with a background in formal Financial Economics. It's something I (shockingly) don't value - because it never hit on the personal, subjective side of money. Thankfully, my life somehow winded up back in money, making college a decent investment, but I'm an outlier statistically.

What I learned about money doesn't serve the average person. I know because it didn't serve me either.

This is the Ortus Academy brand that I shared about - bringing financial intelligence to the world. Check it out - explore a bit. We’re changing and improving the website, so this is about to get a MAJOR upgrade, but it’s will still give you some insights into what we are about.


You can read more on my bio page, or we could talk via call.


I’m sure you’re getting awesome applicants and can’t wait to see if there’s alignment with us both!

Our MOST recent press 

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of Finances

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Money, Credit, & Free Travel


5253 Students 

We've worked with students 

in person and virtually across 19 states, and 3 Canadian providences.


We are also proud of the 14 interns we have had over the last 6 years and the direction each has gone since working with us.

44 Businesses & Organizations

We’ve worked with restaurant, real estate, installation, technology and start up companies, not to mention working with young adults in private, public, & special needs groups - all of which span the economic spectrum.

Local to National

We started with the best in Baltimore for financial education, and have emerged from COVID having expanded to national brands. We’ve done this by building a great brand full of diverse team members, interns, and investors.

Financial Stages, Not Ages

We break down our education, impact and methods by stage, so that no matter what ups or downs someone is experiencing financially, they can find the right tools to get them to the next level.

Money Club is organized in these three stages:


Foundations has courses and content for those that are not yet fully financially responsible for themselves.


If you have young adults in the house, middle school - college, foundations is a great starting point for them. We’ve had adults that feel like they never got the foundational knowledge when they were younger. Either way - once the foundations are there, we recommend building your Financial Stability.


Financial Stability courses are for those that are financially responsible for themselves - they have income and expenses that they are expected to manage without the help of their loved ones -  most adults (or for those graduating from Foundations).


The goal is to help you develop a stronger baseline of skills and habits in your money. We cover things like credit, managing debt, budgeting, and all the things that make money seem complicated and scary - except we break them down to make them simple and approachable. Stability courses have been peer-recommended because of how practical and conversational the material is.


Financial Growth courses are for those ready to challenge themselves and have their money work for them.


These courses are more in-depth and offer focused growth in specialized areas. This may involve taking more risks, so this isn’t for everyone, but is an opportunity to unlock some awesome opportunities and new skill sets that could help you reach your goals even faster.

Beyond the Academy

In addition to being the CEO & Co-Founder of Ortus Academy,
I have recently completed two bookprojects and run personal performance & evolvement retreats.

Let Her Play - Cover 250.png

Let Her

After spending his youth playing soccer, his college years playing at the D1 competitive level, and over a decade as a coach - Aaron Velky has some words of wisdom for the parents of female athletes.

Released June 28, 2021


From Worry
To Wealth

In partnership with Ben Lyons,
Ortus Academy is releasing a new book that will teach The Wealth Formula and
help people make the journey
From Worry to Wealth.


Front Runner

The mission is to deliver the most transformational event and coaching experience you've ever been a part of, so that your life from here forward is radically better as you move towards full alignment.

Let's Talk!

I would love the opportunity to share more about what I, and Ortus Academy, are doing. 

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