"Instead of buying your children all the things you never had,
teach them all the things you were never taught.
Material wears out but knowledge remains."
- Bruce Lee

How to Teach Your Kids About Money?


There’s a whole lot of financial advice out there for young adults,

and a lot of it is very important. But what it all lacks is cohesion.

One eBook can't teach you everything, but it can point you in the right

We've compiled this parent handbook:

6 Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Money, Now!

It's a great place to begin and will help you get the conversation started. 

Being good with money is really all about healthy habits in 6 key areas!

1. Discover Your Money Personality - We all have a relationship with money. Discover yours.

2. Learn to Earn - Want to earn, or earn more? Here are some guiding principles.

3. Spend On What Matters - You have to spend, but HOW you spend depends on your values.

4. Keep Your Big Expenses Down - Seems simple, but it is all about prioritizing.

5. Find Your Right Path - We'll talk about education and career path, but we'll talk even more about purpose.

6. Time is Money - How these two are connected and the importance of starting to save early.

Each topic features candid conversations and vulnerable shares to have with your kid, as well as action items to continue the conversation, play some games, and work on changing your kid's trajectory with money.

Our society has made it scary to talk about money. It shouldn't be! But changing that starts with every parent changing how they talk, or don't talk, about money with their kids.

Download this free guide to change the way your kid talks about, feels about, and lives with money

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