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We offer Financial Wellness, Leadership Coaching & Professional Development for employees, teams, students, families, and individual learners!

Ortus Academy is a financial education company known for its innovative approach to career, leadership, and money education ideal for members of the Millennial and Generation Z age groups.

We're passionate about working with the upcoming generations and helping them get what most of us didn't - Financial Intelligence without so many mistakes along the way. 

We know money matters. 
We Believe Financial Intelligence Matters More!


Financial Intelligence - The ability to make financial decisions that support a person's individual values,
goals and communities (or a companies mission and stakeholders) because they understand their beliefs, emotions, habits, & mindset.

Reach out to us to bring real-life, applicable, money education to the young adults in your families, teams, and communities.

Ortus Academy is ideal for these Audiences:


Business Team Members / Employees

Financial Wellness Workshops and Access to Online Suite of Financial Education Courses

Financial wellness was ranked #1 benefit employees want!

Our business relationships vary, but typically include: 

  • Workshops - Financial Stability, Financial Wellness, Goal Setting, and include real-life tools that will reduce your team members financial stress.

  • Access to our Financial Stability Bundle

  • Reporting - We'll share reports on your teams usage as well as an overview on your teams financial stress levels.

Independent Learners

Invest in yourself! Join Money Club to access an entire suite or Financial Intelligence courses, community, and real-life resources. 

  • Interactive Online Courses that develop  Financial Intelligence

  • Topics include: Earning, Spending, Saving, Budgeting, Banking, Career Development, Investing, Education, Money Personalities, and so much more

  • Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop accessible

  • Self-Paced, with Metrics to track progress

  • Bonus Resource Kit + Downloads

  • Private Member Group



Give your kids the gift of Financial Intelligence, wherever you are.

  • Age Appropriate Interactive & Game-based Online Courses that develop  Financial Intelligence

  • Topics include: Earning, Spending, Saving, Banking, Career Development, Investing, Education, College Resources, Money Personalities, and so much more

  • Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop accessible

  • Self-Paced

  • Bonus Resource Kit + Downloads

  • Private Member Group


Schools, Youth Orgs, & Non-Profits

Interactive Online Games & Courses for your students

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

  • We've worked with over 2700 students in-person from private, public, charter, special needs schools, and non-profits.

  • Ideal for grades 8-12, but depends more on student interest and capabilities

  • Catalyze excitement and awareness with our live games and events

  • Includes topics like Career Readiness, Education, and Financial Foundations

  • Optional Inclusion of online course access and family resources

  • Can engage community in volunteering opportunities

  • Formats include single class (up to 30), large groups (50+), and entire grade levels


Ortus Academy delivers ON Financial education, CAREER Readiness, and LEADERSHIP,FOR

Millennial & Generation Z Members!

Your financial acumen is one of the most important factors in living the life you dream of.

Your ability to earn, save, budget, and invest affect our daily lives, not to mention our futures.
You have the opportunity to learn about the financial fundamentals,
your beliefs, values, and behaviors behind money.

Ortus Academy exists to give people a brand new approach to learning about money.


We have online &
in-person programs on 

Fundamentals & Psychology.


Interesting Videos, Fun Games, Interactions, Guides, & Quizzes.


Mindsets, Behaviors, Education, Careers, Credit, Travel, & More!


Vulnerable Stories & Candid Conversations on topics that matter to you.


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*Ortus Academy is not a financial advising company. All financial information is
designed to educate, not intended to be solicited advice for financial decisions.*

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