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"Where did all of my money go? Why did no one teach me how to make better financial decisions?"

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3x your savings rate add up to 60 points to your credit score

within 90 days or

your money back!




You need a system guaranteed to work for you and that’s proven to be successful for other people. 

You are a person, like us, who is learning and adapting and trying their best in an fast-changing environment.

You deserve a more personalized approach. We build the system that flexes based on WHO YOU ARE, not who we think you should be. 


But the stats say that if you MESS UP THE CRITICAL DECISIONS, you could end up as one of these:


63% of millennial's are financially dependent on their parents.


80% of Americans live
paycheck to paycheck.


Millennials are making 20%
less than their parents.


70% of students are stressed out about their finances.

Here's What You'll Get With Your Membership:


A continually expanding library of content on Financial Education for the entire family.
This includes courses, games, interviews, how-to videos, guides, andso much more. 


Access to Financial Coaches, mentors, groups, peers, and accountability partners in our a members only area.


Money is personal - so, we've built guides and tools with personalized insights and into your Money Personality, habits, and mindset.


We have tools to help you become Financially Stable and grow with day-to-day tools and action items made for where you are.

Here is what some others have said about Money Club:


Perfect Course for Financial Improvement

If you want to get a better idea on how finances impact your daily life, this is the course for you. It is put together in a way that allows people from multiple stages in life to jump in and understand how their money works and what adjustments they can take to better prepare themselves. The tools and information gathered here will be things that I can use for decades to come!


Financial Stability 101 - Great Course

This course is an overview of how to become financially stable. It goes into different topics such as savings, debt, and money personality. Each module has videos that link to a section of the workbook making it easy to follow along. The different activities and the Money Positioning System made this course so worth it!


Empowered & Equipped!

I just finished the Financial Stability 101 course and feel very equipped and empowered to take my money to the next level.

There is a lot more to Money Club - here, let us show you!

We’re all at different points in our path toward financial intelligence, financial stability, and financial freedom. 


Money Club isn’t just a course - it’s a place. It’s a place where we can learn and be vulnerable about where we are. We don’t bring the judgement of anything we may have done or not done - we just learn where we are and develop new skills to get better.


Imagine money was like a sport, just like soccer, basketball, dance, tennis, or swimming.


We would need a few things to be successful:


  • Education on how to perform at the next level

  • Examples of what’s possible so we have something to work towards

  • Coaches that care about us and help us in the way WE learn best

  • An environment that encourages us to grow and change

  • Accountability so we can’t fall behind

  • A place to train and hone our craft


Well, we think Money is a really important sport that we’re all playing.


We built Money Club for you.

Yes, you - you and your entire family. It’s like a streaming service that gives you full educational access.

We've built this course to engage you whether you prefer lectures, reading, listening, games, or action-based lessons. 
We break up our content by stages, not by ages. 


Excellent Investment In Myself

This got me caught up to where I thought I should be in the process of "adulting". I feel confident managing my money now and am no longer afraid to look at my bills or accounts.

The Stages of Money Club

Money Club is organized in these three stages:


Foundations has courses and content for those that are not yet fully financially responsible for themselves.


If you have young adults in the house, middle school - college, foundations is a great starting point for them. We’ve had adults that feel like they never got the foundational knowledge when they were younger. Either way - once the foundations are there, we recommend building your Financial Stability.


Financial Stability courses are for those that are financially responsible for themselves - they have income and expenses that they are expected to manage without the help of their loved ones -  most adults (or for those graduating from Foundations).


The goal is to help you develop a stronger baseline of skills and habits in your money. We cover things like credit, managing debt, budgeting, and all the things that make money seem complicated and scary - except we break them down to make them simple and approachable. Stability courses have been peer-recommended because of how practical and conversational the material is.


Financial Growth courses are for those ready to challenge themselves and have their money work for them.


These courses are more in-depth and offer focused growth in specialized areas. This may involve taking more risks, so this isn’t for everyone, but is an opportunity to unlock some awesome opportunities and new skill sets that could help you reach your goals even faster.

New courses are added regularly. Interviews, videos, and content added weekly!

Team Lunch


The Money Club Content Cafeteria is your place for bite-sized real-life money tips.



Weekly Interviews in podcast format, Money Inspirations, How-To Videos, and Games, to guide and motivate you to Financial Intelligence! 

Ready to jump into Money Club and get started?



The ideas were delivered in a straightforward way. 

Money Club is very methodical, and flows smoothly through the material. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to make a shift in their money thinking. 

Your Money Club Membership will get you access to our course content and lots more!

Some of our advanced courses may come with additional costs

Money Club includes content on:


  • Building credit - but not the way you might think!

  • Earning extra by starting a side gig, or freelancing

  • Developing an eye for investing opportunities

  • Knowing and understanding your Money Personality

  • Building habits to spend less, save more, and budget weekly 

  • How and when to go get a financial advisor or other financial services

  • & much more!

We believe Money Club is a no-brainer investment. Our team has spent hundreds of hours learning, developing and mastering money tactics (and learning what doesn’t need to be done or shared) to bring you the best, most practical advice. 


For less than $100, you can get a year of Money Club access. If you save just $10 a month because of what you learn in Money Club, you will have earned $40 from your investment, which is a 50% return on your money. We are betting you’ll get a WAY higher return on your investment. 


If we taught you how to earn $100 month, you’d have a whopping 15x return. 

If we show you the way to improve your credit score, you could save 5 figures on a home. That would be a 125x return.


The math is simple. Money Club is:


  • Constantly expanding library of Financial education and content

  • Access to coaches, mentors and accountability partners in the community

  • Personalized Insights and Guides into your Money Personality and habits

  • Day to Day Tools for on-the-go Money Improvement





High energy and conversational videos to help you develop a relationship with money and make learning feel more personal. 


Learning sticks when you get hands-on. So we've created special interactive games, tools, and assessments to help you figure out where you are and where you are going.


Each course has a number of tools, guides, resources, and support to help convert your newly developed skills into real life results. 

Money Club includes:

Financial Education for the family 

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Member's Community

Content updated weekly

Downloadable Course Guides

Web & Mobile Access

Self-Paced Learning

Peer Learning

Bonus Resource Kits & Guides

100% Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund. 

No one is born making smart financial decisions!

Have you ever opened your online banking app and been really frustrated with what you see?


Have you found yourself making money decisions that don’t make sense, and when you look around, you wonder how to fix what you’ve done?


Maybe you’ve felt like there’s no way out. Or are you looking at your patterns and trying to figure out how to get help?


Or, you’ve been told that getting a degree and going to school will help you learn how to level up your money game, but you wonder how that’s possible if they never teach you about money?


Maybe you feel like you’ve hit a plateau - and you aren’t growing as much as you once were.


Or maybe you realize that money can’t bring you something you crave, like fulfillment or something deeper than material wealth.


Money has never been a talent you’re born with - it’s a skill you learn and develop. But more than likely, you feel a little like we felt.


Frustrated. Lost. Unsure. Underconfident. And worst of all, like your current money scenario is just how it is - as if money and fate were tied together.


So - How does a guy that studied Financial Economics (stock investing for someone else to get rich, basically), graduate during a recession and take on employment as a maintenance technician (a very hands on, dirty job) only to later end up starting several businesses and changing his life? 


How do you go from a blue collar career to international travel, raising venture capital, writing a book, building a team, and impacting the lives of others?

It wasn’t luck - it was it still is education about money, business, and most importantly, himself.


That’s our CEO’s story, as it is with our entire team, our interns, and the students we’ve worked with.


It’s amazing to us that money wasn’t taught in schools, college, or homes given how much we use it and how easy it is to make costly mistakes.


It’s also amazing that we make choices with our hearts and our impulses more than our head. (Otherwise, we wouldn’t have purchased cool branded gear for our whole Ortus Academy team!). These emotions override our logic many times. 


And when it comes to money, we need to know how it works AND how we work to change our lives.


The bottom line: Financial Intelligence Education can change your life.

Some of the companies we've been honored to work with:

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