"My business grows when my team grows. 
so it’s in everyone's best interest to be
financially intelligent together."


Millennials are buying homes 8% less than their parent's generation did.


80% of Americans live
paycheck to paycheck.


80% of employees want financial wellness from their employer. Only 20% provide it.


53% of employees say financial stress interferes with work.

Being a Business Owner Is Hard!

We believe businesses change more than just the lives of their customers.

They impact their neighborhood, their employees, their employees’ community and their families.


Financial Intelligence has an important place in this impact, so Ortus Academy loves to support small to midsize businesses and their teams in a variety of ways, each of which has been specially crafted through years of learning, education, trial and let’s be honest, error!  


For businesses that believe in team culture,

For businesses that believe in helping their people grow as individuals,

For businesses that understand their impact and influence in the neighborhood,


We’re here for you.


In any business, you have to focus on a variety of things, meaning your attention inevitably gets stretched really thin. We know this feeling all too well. 

Ortus Academy has coaching, programs, workshops and tools available to business owners and to the entire team. We believe that a business operates at its peak when the employees and team of the business are financially intelligent. 


We know it’s important to find the right fit when you bring in support. If you are looking for a team that can come speak to your employees with openness, vulnerability, and clarity and offer them a tremendous amount of practical and relevant expertise, we’d love to be considered.

Business Owners & Decision Makers

As business owners, we are responsible for all of our stakeholders - our team, customers, vendors, partners...

That's why we created the Ortus Navigator Coaching Service, to help you make Financially Intelligent decisions, while navigating the emotions that come with being a business owner doing their best to make it all work.

For Team Members

For employees, teams and HR directors, we offer Financial Wellness Workshops (in-person and virtual) paired with supporting online content. Our specialized programs and content give your team the tools and inspiration to manage their personal finances better, so they can be less stressed and more engaged at work.

Our fully loaded online platform can help each member of your team navigate their own financial growth - and we have materials for every member of their family.





Private coaching to help you make Financially Intelligent decisions that support your team and your vision.

Money Club Course

We offer in-person and virtual workshops for you and your team to build financial wellness into your culture.


Our tools, resources, and guides are available to help your team and their families re-frame their financials.


Our online private community is designed to provide continual support and resources in real-time.

Ortus Navigator

Feeling a little lost?  Confused? Worried?

The Ortus Navigator Coaching Service guides owners and decision-makers through periods where pivots, online conversion, and changes in organizational culture require you to be Financially Intelligent and reduce any misdirected capital.

We’ll help you identify opportunities and guide you through development and deployment of ideas with our team of multi-talented experts.

Difficult decisions and conscious leadership are part of being an owner, so we’re here to provide an unbiased support and co-pilot during your journey through the great and the not-so-easy times.


Workshops & Wellness Suite

Making Financial Wellness Part of Your Culture

Financial reframing can dramatically impact your business and our workshops are designed to empower your team and reduce their financial stress, something we call Financial Wellness. 


We offer several different workshop formats and topics, all of which are available in-person or virtually, designed to motivate and inspire your team to take action. We pair workshops with an online suite for lasting change, action plans and measurable success. 

This gives your team personalized input and more customized action steps so that their financial opportunities can be re-framed starting the moment they begin the workshop.



"The team at Ortus Academy helped me get straight with where I was, what options I had and how to make them happen, then they stepped in to make it happen. With a small team, who had never done this, I feel like we got the right help at the right time and their guidance helped us not only earn money after the pivot, but save money on the conversion to online delivery.”


Career Coach

“People around me are panicked. Or they are hiding under a rock. I see that more probably. I’ve felt like I had a good handle on what I could do, but now I have a much clearer vision of what I need to do. I feel much better knowing my numbers, too. A guestimate wasn’t good enough.”

“Not only did I get my business more stable but I got my team more stable with their money personally. Now that I know they are good and have tools and support, I can focus on the business and making sure we are able to ride this storm all the way through. I feel Ortus helped me be a better leader for them too.”


Restaurant Owner 

“In just one call I felt calm and clear. I was panicked, and I didn’t know what to do. Now I know what to do and can think a little more clearly. I feel like I can be the leader I know I am again. Thanks Ortus Academy!”


Restaurant Owner 


Yoga Studio


Money Club Course

Our self-paced courses offer a wide variety of topics for all levels of learners - there is something for the entire team room for them to grow.


Our tools, resources, and guides are available to help your team and their families manage financial options and challenges.


Our online private community is there to support your team and provide additional real-time content.

Money Club is a Financial Intelligence Suite, complete with courses, games, resources and guides for Millennials and Generation Z Members.

Members develop skills, behaviors, and concepts essential to success in personal finance and beyond.

It is accessible online on any device, personalized, and self-paced to work with busy schedules.

We provide guidance on actionable items and real needs, with topics like  Financial Stability, Online Shopping, Money Fundamentals, and more!

Some of our clients:

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