What you believe determines what you
earn, spend, and save!

Discover Your Money Type with the Money Personality Quiz!


Why is it that some people are so naturally good at saving, while some spend all their money like it is going out of style? How is it that some people are so comfortable earning money, while some are afraid of it? 

This reflects your personal beliefs about money, many of which you may not even recognize you have, and how they effect your behaviors, assumptions, self-image, and worldview.

This free Money Personality Quiz will help you to determine your Money Personality Type, and then we'll provide advice on how to take advantage of your tendencies and where to take caution, learn more, and grow.

Money Personality Quiz  - Spender


Fun, with a side of risky!

Spenders live in the present. They make decisions focused on happiness now, without much regard for the future.

Money Personality Quiz  - Protector


Safe, with a side of nervous!

Protectors value security. They make decisions with the future in mind, even if that short changes the present. 

Money Personality Quiz  - Giver


Fulfilled, with a side of stress!

Givers value human connection. They prioritize helping people, even if that means they are not looking out for themselves.

Money Personality Quiz  - Investor


Excited, with a side of anxious!

Investors value growth. They work hard to build their dreams, even if it means taking on anxiety by focusing on it too much.

The 4 Money Personality Types:

Your path toward Financial Intelligence starts with understanding your Money Personality.


Your Money Personality Type will help to guide you as you uncover, understand, and develop your Money Attitude, which goes a long way to impact your money habits, behaviors, and goals.

Money & happiness have a tricky relationship. Happiness is very personal, and so is how money leads you to it. What are you looking for in Happiness? What are you looking for from Money?

Take this free Money Personality Quiz to find out, and JOIN MONEY CLUB for an in-depth program of videos, games, and exercises showing how the pieces of personal financial intelligence fit together.

"All money is a matter of belief." - Adam Smith

What are Your Money Beliefs?