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How can I increase my income to have more to invest?

Order From Worry to Wealth, a new book by Ben Lyons & Ortus Academy gain access to

A tool that will guide you through 6 paths to EARN MORE

Your Way to $20k: An Income Self Assessment 

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Your Way to $20k is a downloadable PDF of questions and exercises to help you determine a personalized path to grow your Investable Income in a way that meets your different needs and life circumstances.


  • Brainstorm through 6 different ways to boost your surplus investable income to $20k per year 

  • Evaluate your current income situation, along with your strengths, weaknesses, interests and limitations

  • Self-reflect on your career values to discover which are serving you and which are not 

  • Evaluate alternative income pathways to see which best meet your financial, fulfillment, and situational needs 

Maybe it’s getting an advanced degree to earn more in your current field. Maybe it’s simply picking up a side job until you can downsize your house. Maybe it’s starting a side business or acquiring a rental property for some extra cash. 


We promise, there are many ways to reach this goal. All require discipline and hard work, but once you get those investment seeds planted, the payoff is enormous over time. 

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*Ortus Academy is not a financial advising company.
ll financial information is designed to educate, not intended to be solicited advice for financial decisions.*

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