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It's Time to Serve

Together we are facing strange, stressful, and uncertain times.

While the Covid-19 virus threatens our health, we also feel the effects on our state of mind and in our personal finances.

Ortus Academy's mission is to enhance young people's financial intelligence, so that they can make better financial decisions and lead more secure and full lives.


We typically work with those under age 35 and with the families of young adults. We believe it's time to offer up as much support as we can to the world.

To serve in that mission now, we are now offering the majority of our paid content for FREE.

Let's get through this together. #TeamHuman



For Business Owners, Teams & Individuals

We understand how hard it is to be a business owner, a manager, and a team member right now. We'd like to support your people - whether it is because of a shutdown, layoffs, pay cuts, or simply emotional and financial stress.

Our people are our greatest assets, and in moments of highest need, they want leadership and support. We've been working with employers for years to provide tools and education to teams, and now we're bringing it to your team virtually.

It is in times like these that the greatest innovations are made. We are being forced to consider new ideas, new technologies, and Ortus Academy is sharing our premium content to help as many people as we can. 

For Parents & Teachers With Young Adults At Home

Family is so important. Some of us are home alone (it's not as easy as you might think), others with aging parents, and many of us are home with children (half of our team is!). 


Productivity is reduced, communication is slower. It's tough - we feel it, too. 


If you have a teenager or college student at home and are unsure as to how to progress now that schools are closed, we have resources for you and them as well. 

Click the button below to see how we can help you navigate and educate through crisis. 

For Business Owners & Team Members: 

In-Person Workshops


We are hosting a webinar series to help Baltimore Businesses & Team Members, called:


“Financial Stability & Managing

Finances During Uncertainty”


These webinars are free and available remotely to you, your team, or anyone you think could benefit - feel free to share this information.

Topics of Webinars will include practical advice including:


  • Spending and Essentialism

  • Earning Extra Income

  • Strategies for Your Bills During Hardship

  • Use of Credit and Emergency Funds

Followed by a short Q&A.


Registration is required, and space is limited for each webinar. 

You missed this one!
You missed this one!
You missed this one!
You missed this one!

For Parents With Young Adults At Home: 


We've spent the last year and over $250,000 building a state of the art Financial Intelligence course. We go beyond the traditional financial literacy topics, and far beyond the national standards of financial literacy. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • 6+ Hours of Total Content

  • 3+ Hours of Video Content

  • Financial Education Games

  • Real-Life Action Items & Tools

Typically this course costs $199, but in these times in which this course is needed - and our young adults aren't in school - WE ARE GIVING AWAY ACCESS!

This is a completely online course that doesn't require any teaching or work from you. It doesn't require special knowledge and you don't have to be good at financial decision making.


It is ideal for ages 13 and through College Ages. Just enroll and go!


Scrolls to the checkout section. Look for coupon space -

Click 'Yes, I totally do' and enter this code:


That's it, you're in! Get started on your journey!

Parent Handbook Cover.png

For Parents With Younger Adults At Home: 

Parent Guide

If you are looking for a resource to help you get started in having money conversations with your child, this E-Book and tools is a great place to get started. 

6 Lessons to Teach Your Kids

About Money, Now!

Money Club Community


Free Webinars for your team to learn about their choices, options and opportunities. 

Online Education on a critical topic at an important time, for families of kids above age 13.  Coupon 'TeamHuman' makes it free.


Resources and Guides are available at no cost to help your family manage  financial fears and challenges.

It may not feel like it, but there is a lot you can do

Almost overnight, Money Education suddenly became way more important.

Take a few minutes and read through this comprehensive blog we wrote to help you figure out how to navigate this circumstance.


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