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A Real Estate Investing Coach,
Cohort & Online Course Like No Other

Avoid costly mistakes. Move quickly on deals. Create personal accountability.
Begin your real estate investing journey with Ortus Academy’s Reliable Real Estate Investing Cohorts.

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If you’re here, you probably already know that:

  1. Real estate investing is a golden ticket to an easier life

  2. The internet is full of free resources to teach you everything you could possibly want to know  

  3. Information alone, without any structure, guidance, and accountability isn’t enough to get you over the fear of making costly mistakes


The internet is amazing, but it won’t give you structure. It won’t give you personalization, and it certainly won’t give you accountability. 


Real estate investing can be very daunting. Opportunities move fast and the costs of mistakes are high. 

Hear from our current members why this investment goes far beyond what you could accomplish alone 

Whether it’s finding and analyzing investment opportunities in a sea of competition, choosing the right contractor to renovate a flip, securing the financing to leverage someone else’s capital, or negotiating the contingencies of a contract, you need to be able to move QUICKLY and RELIABLY.  


Investing in real estate is one of the best paths to build net worth and passive income, but if you want to make this dream happen for yourself, you’ll need three things:

  • A proven system of tools, processes, and resources to find, analyze and execute deals in a fast and secure way

  • Experienced coaches to answer your questions and give you the confidence to break through your fears and hesitations

  • The right people around you to hold you accountable and support the different aspects of your real estate business

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"This course literally paid for itself 10 times over DURING THE COURSE"


"Between the content that is provided in each course and the knowledge, wisdom, and stories that Ben Lyons shares with us, you will leave this course with information that will save and or make you money almost immediately, depending on where you are in your REI journey.


I would recommend this course to anyone starting out in REI or thinking of getting into it. This course is very interactive and includes healthy levels of accountability."

~ Andrew

A Cohort 1 Real Estate Investor from Baltimore, MD

Are You Ready to Invest In Your Future?

Here's The deal!

  • Instruction - 12+ Hours of pre-recorded content that covers every topic you'll need to begin investing with confidence 

  • Coaching - Eight 90-Minute live zoom classes that expand on the lessons and provide you a space to ask questions and evaluate deals together 

  • Resources - Digital tools and guides to help you easily evaluate investment opportunities, risks, and your return on investment

  • Expertise - Access to our Wealth Strategist Ben Lyons and his nearly 40 years of real estate expertise 

  • Accountability - Guided course structure with project milestones to keep you moving forward

Next Cohort Dates July - August


Monthly Accountability Calls - You'll get 12 calls with Ben Lyons, The Ortus Team, & other experts for follow-up questions and support!

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Two Cohorts Available:

No product

No product

Each Cohort is limited to 20 spaces to make sure that you get the attention and personalization you deserve.

The experiences will be the same, the only difference is meeting times.

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"Awesome Course for New Real Estate Investors  - This course was fantastic!"


"It walks you through the entire process of investing:
Lending, finding properties, evaluating them, construction, etc…
A lot of info is packed into the classes, but the team does an amazing job
to make sure everyone understands and has the tools necessary to move forward.

If you've been thinking about investing or want to learn more,
I highly recommend starting here."

~ Issac

A Cohort 1 Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, CA.

This experience will teach you: 

  • How to Find and Evaluate Investment Opportunities:
    From prospecting to renovations to valuations, we'll help you spot a great deal from a bad one.


  • How to Mitigate Risk Each Step of the Process:
    Learn how to finance the deal, manage the renovations, manage the property, and protect yourself legally.


  • Build Your Support Team & Organization System:
    Build a trusted team around you to support you each step of the way, set up an LLC, and the processes to manage tenants with ease.

While our focus in this course is investing both in residential turnkey and BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) rentals, the lessons from BRRRR apply directly to flipping and wholesaling as well. 

Still Unsure?

Set up a free call with Aaron Velky, Ortus Academy's CEO,
to get all of your questions answered and learn how
we can help you get started investing in real estate.

Analyze any investment property quickly


The Rental Property Analysis Tool

We'll provide you with a downloadable tool that makes it easy to analyze rental properties, BRRRR’s, and fix & flips.


This tool will walk you through every major component of analyzing a potential property and will provide you valuable insights to help you avoid costly mistakes and earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars. ​

w/ enrollment to RREI

a $120/year value

Real Estate Investing Downloadable Guides

RREI Guides Hand.jpg

​We've made a number of great checklists and guides that you can download or print and take with you on-site to properties you are evaluating or own.

  • How to assess a deal​

  • How to calculate repair costs

  • Whom to Hire - and a step-by-step guide of which questions to ask

  • And so many more

w/ enrollment to RREI

a $359 value

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"Wish I had made this decision earlier in my life!"


"Ben has so much experience and insight to share. 

I wish I had met him (and you guys) earlier in my life!

You all come across as very relatable, which reduced my anxiety to get started and made the strategies you taught us feel even more attainable.

The experience was very well organized and the tools you provide are fantastic."

~ Hunter

A Cohort 1 Real Estate Investor from Charleston, SC.

Is This Opportunity Right For Me?

This course is right for you if:

  • You want or need the added accountability of peers and experts guiding you and making sure you move forward. 

  • Education is something you value, and getting information from credible sources and quality leaders matters.

  • You benefit from working with a cohort of people that can ask questions and present new perspectives to help you in your journey.

  • You value investing in yourself now for the added benefit of saving you time and money in the future.

  • You believe that with the right knowledge and support, you can overcome the fear of costly mistakes (we all hear nightmare stories!) that prevent you from ever starting.

  • You want to create urgency so that you’re pulled forward into a future of investing rather than pulled back into waiting. We all know one friend that says it but never does it!

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Meet Your Real Estate Advisor

Ben Lyons is a 37-year veteran of the mortgage banking and real estate industries. He began his career in 1983 immediately after graduating high school, and by the age of 25, he owned 100 rental properties and a million-dollar lending business. Since then, he has been an initial investor and large shareholder of a commercial bank, a title company, a consumer finance company, and three mortgage banks. 

He has owned and managed over 375 residential and commercial real estate projects, and his lending organizations have produced more than 6.5 billion dollars in mortgages. 

After serving on the boards of several schools, he now volunteers to teach personal finance and has written a book about increasing wealth through mortgage investing called “Be the Bank” and is releasing a new book, "From Worry to Wealth" later this year.

Ben is married with four children and lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Ortus Academy has partnered with Ben to bring a qualified, practiced, and proven real estate investment system to you. Ben's experience and knowledge combined with our skills in financial education and online training will provide you access to an expert real estate course like no other.


We believe that together, we can reshape the landscape of real estate investment ownership by providing thousands of individuals with this practical education. 

Your Guides Along the Way


Ortus Academy is a leader in Financial Intelligence, taking social and emotional education to the world of finance. We've been featured on Millionaire MindsetTechnical.lywUSA9, worked with companies like the Motley Fool, Sylvan Learning Center, the Stacking Benjamins Show, Startup Grind, PNC Bank, Johns Hopkins, and more!


We've worked with over 5,000 people and built programs for young adults just getting started, adults trying to figure it all out and get organized, as well as the more advanced students and investors.

We're glad you're here as we launch this next real estate investing cohort and bring our talents, proprietary and educational tools, and candid personalities.

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Coach Aaron Velky

Coach Aaron, Ortus Academy's CEO, will be there to help guide our conversations and ensure we get the most out of Ben's experience.


Coach Gabe Bustos

Coach Gabe, Ortus Academy's Director of Education, has been apprenticing with Ben and will be your main guide. 


Coach Josh Massey

Coach Josh, Ortus Academy's COO, will be there to provide support, from the technical side but also as an experienced property owner. 

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"A Tremendous Value to Real Estate Professionals"


"I think there is tremendous value, especially for Real Estate Agents & Brokers.

We already have knowledge of the market and have put in a lot of time and effort into learning our areas, comps, and building a network. We are able to get in the real estate investing game faster and move faster when opportunities arise.

We're already few steps ahead, but the lessons in this course allowed me to
jump even further ahead and have even more tools to evaluate opportunities."

~ Ghyslain

A Cohort 1 Real Estate Investor from Montreal, Quebec

Two Cohorts Available:

Each Cohort is limited to 20 spaces to make sure that you get the attention and personalization you deserve. The experiences will be the same, the only difference is meeting times.

No product

No product


The Course Curriculum

Limited Space Available

There are ONLY 40 spots available.
We will be working closely with each member to provide
guidance and support throughout the entire journey.

This Opportunity will expire!

Applications are being accepted until July 2, 2021.

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