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In order to have a meaningful life, 

an individual needs to be financially intelligent.

What is Financial Intelligence?

Financial Literacy has focused on the mechanics of money - how to write a check, save, budget, & invest. 

Financial Intelligence focuses on social emotional aspects of money, the habits, behaviors, and emotions that drive our financial decisions. Once a person understands WHY they make the decisions they make, then we can discuss the HOW & WHAT of financial literacy - because those are important too. 

Our version of financial education is engaging, experiential, and exciting. We make learning about money fun!

It's about inspiring and empowering people, families, schools, and communities.

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Our Origin Story

It all started with a game of laser tag...

Aaron & Josh met playing a game -- an epic laser tag battle that has still gone without agreement on a winner (Josh won). From that competition, the two struck up an ongoing conversation, which delved into philosophy, learning from lessons in life, and the hard and knowledge needed to succeed.​


A common thread through the discussions was that it often came down to financial decisions and constraints they entailed that significantly framed the challenges and opportunities in life. ​These talks led to powerful questions about how people could avoid common financial follies.


As passionate coaches and non-traditional educators, how might we possibly share some of our greatest failures, lessons, and successes?


What if we could empower students by teaching them to be more financially intelligent?


What if we could help young people to find some direction in a life purpose, an education plan, and a fulfilling career, while saving more, spending less, and most importantly -- understanding their relationship to money?​


We created something we wish we would have been offered to us as kids -- a fun, interactive, exciting game to learn all the most important money lessons that changed our lives. ​As a longtime soccer coach and karate instructor, the duo chose to model sports.


The central game has practices, coaching, and winning strategies. It highlights experimentation, failure, and creativity as key components of success. It rewards accomplishing achievable targets, leading to playing a winning a game.​


Ortus Academy was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Ortus is Latin for 'East', but it's deeper translation is "New Beginnings" or "Revolution!"

We created this enterprise in East Baltimore, and see a need for a "Revolution" in financial education. We exist to help young adults start on a better path financially than previous generations. The goal is to teach the skills that alter their financial trajectory by 2% now and has a compounding effect for the rest of their life.

We are leading a revolution for financial intelligence!

Our Courses ARE: 


Enjoy a fun multimedia experience. Clever stories, graphics, and exercises to grasp and practice personal finance.


Financial decision making scores increase by 32% on average. 4 of 5 students report more interest in finances.


Online shopping. Buying a car. College. Finding a purpose and career. Earning more. Students want this practical knowledge!


Money Club simulates 5 years of financial decisions, teaching by trial and error. See your financial scores improve!


2000+ Students 

We've worked with students 

in person across 5 states

(MD, PA, CO, CA, TX) - the majority of which has been in Baltimore, Md.

With our online course, this number is growing daily.

35 Schools & Organizations


We've worked with over

We've worked with Private, Public, & Special Needs groups who support young adults across the economic spectrum.

 68% Increase
in Net Worth 

 100 Points
increase in simulated credit score 

 In the Money Club Game, users decisions and outcomes are tracked , the above is the average increases we see between the start of the course and the end.




Meet our leadership team.

This group, along with the other members of our team, our X3 Intern Program, and our Advisory Board, create everything needed to fuel the Financial Intelligence Movement.

Josh Massey, Ortus Academy COO & Co-Founder
Gabe Bustos, , Ortus Academy Education Director

in Catonsville

"I have not found a solution that has had more effect on my children in understanding themselves and the world through financial terms."


in Baltimore

"​Money Club helped teach my child about
money in a way that I couldn't. The experience provided a great springboard for having more in-depth conversations after each lesson."

in Washington, DC

"Both my kids were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about money and financial decision-making."

Our Parent testimonials

"I never thought learning about budgeting could be this much fun. I knew it was important, but never thought it could be fun!"

Tyler, 15
in Baltimore

"I wish I had taken this BEFORE I started college. It would've saved me a lot of wasted time & money discovering my path"

Hannah, 20
in Baltimore

"I'm grateful [my work] provided this opportunity to me & my co-workers. It shows how much they care about my personal growth"

Jordan, 24
in Washington, DC.

Our USER testimonials

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