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Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise. 

       - Michael Jordan

Money Management Basics


Adulting is hard. The Real World can be a harsh wakeup call. 


Especially when you get your first paycheck and realize it's not as big as you thought it would be!

Money Fundamentals NEW.png

Or you get your first student loan bill and see how big of your monthly paycheck it is. 

Or when you go to buy your first car and realize your credit score isn't high enough. 

We talk a lot about the emotions, habits, and behaviors of money, but Money Fundamentals are the foundation!

What does it take to become Financially Independent? 


Money management basics include skills like banking, paying taxes, understanding loans, and building your credit, are the foundation for living an independent life with money.


This Level of Money Club teaches you how important personal finance tools work, and how you can best use them to reach your financial independence. It's all about working smarter, not harder!

Bank account.png


Why open a bank account

What You Need


How to Do it


What to Look for in a Bank


Paychecks & Taxes

Employee vs. Contractor


How to Read a Paycheck


How Your Taxes Work


Questions to Ask When you Get Hired


Checks & Digital Currency

How to Write a Check

Different Ways to Pay

Use Venmo & Apple Pay

How to Pay Bills Online

Credit Card 1.png

Credit & Loans

How Credit Cards Work

Good vs Bad loans

How to Get a Loan

Costs of a Loan

How to Avoid Scams

What's in Money Fundamentals? 

Learn the rules of the game


The money game has its rules -- interest, credit scores, fees, tax tricks etc... 

Everyone​ will learn them one way or another. Let's make sure our young adults learn it before it costs them!

Check out our mini-course Money Fundamentals, which covers all of the essential money management basics, and use the code financialintelligence for free access. 

We made this for parents, teachers, and mentors of all different varieties, so that money management basics are within reach. This information is too important for every kid not to have access to it. Use it as you need!

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