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Mapping Your First Million


Many self-starters work hard but struggle to break free from financial stress. Using our proven framework, we help you create a step-by-step Wealth Building Plan tailored to fit your goals, so you can boost your income, unlock financial freedom, and achieve whole-life wealth.

Typically this course is $99, but it is available for Pre-Order for $75

Expected Launch:

November 6, 2021

Are you tired of worrying about money? Do you want more freedom in your life?
Are you looking for financial independence but don’t know how to get started? 

Mapping Your First Million walks you through a step-by-step process to create your own personal wealth-building plan, using the 4 Wisdoms of the Wealth Creation Formula --- Income, Assets, Leverage, and Time. 

The Wealth Creation Formula:

Wealth = Investable Income x Asset Acquisition x Leverage x Time

More importantly, you will learn how to apply this formula to your own life.

There are many strategies to build generational wealth, passive income, and financial freedom, and they ALL use the same 4 Wisdoms. 

But each person’s pathway is very unique because we all have different strengths, interests, challenges, and life situations. 

This course is ideal for those who have read the book and are looking for a little more depth, or for those who are eager to get started now.

In this course, you will discover:

  1. Your best path to earning $20k/year of surplus investable Income 

  2. Which asset strategies make the most sense for you to invest 

  3. How to Leverage financing, partnerships, technology, and resources to boost your income and acquire more asset value 

  4. How to use your time more effectively now to multiply your earnings ten-fold down the road 

  5. How to align your financial goals with your deeper life values 


We’ll provide you an overview of many different strategies to earn more income, invest in Assets, use Leverage effectively, and optimize your Time. 

We’ll help you self-assess to determine which strategies are best for you, and in what order of priority. 

And most importantly, we’ll help you overcome the fears, anxieties, and myths that prevent you from evolving into a happier, healthier, and wealthier version of yourself. 

Course Outline 

  1. Creating Whole Life Wealth 

  2. The Wealth Creation Formula 

  3. What you measure grows 

  4. Wisdom #1 - Generating Investable Income 

  5. Wisdom #2 - Acquiring Assets 

  6. Wisdom # 3 - Utilizing Leverage 

  7. Wisdom # 4 - Optimizing your Time 

  8. Your Personal Roadmap to $1M

  9. Millionaire Case Studies 

We’ve also included case study & interviews with our Millionaire Mentors for you to experience how people from many different walks of life have used the SAME principles to build generational wealth and financial freedom 

Here is what a few of our students have said:


Course Details: 

Length: 6 Hours 30 Minutes

Price: $99.99

Are You Ready To Map Your First Million? Click Here to Get Started!


Ben Lyons is a 37-year veteran of mortgage lending and real estate investing.

He is a self-made millionaire who, by the age of 26,

owned over 100 rental properties and a million-dollar lending business. 


In his 37 year career, Ben has:


Owned and managed over 375 residential and commercial real estate projects.


Produced over 6.5 billion dollars in mortgages through his lending organizations.


Taken two businesses public.


Written two books on mortgage lending and wealth building.

... and MUCH MORE.


Since you are pre-ordering, and have to wait a few weeks to get access to this new course, we will immediately give you the first 3 chapters of Ben's newest book.

It will provide you with an overview of the Wealth Creation Formula - plus introduce you to Ben's story. 

If you'd like to buy the full version - there is a lot of wisdom within these pages to help you get started.


From Worry to Wealth is an interactive field guide

to improving your financial self.

Available on Amazon in
Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook


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