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From Worry to Wealth is an interactive field guide

to improving your financial self.


Which Financial Stage Are You?

When most people think about the term 'Financial Literacy' they think of young adults - teenagers. But the truth is, most of us didn't get taught the basic tenets of finance when we were teenagers. We got it through trial and error and a lot of missed opportunities. 

Most financial literacy programs, even those intended for adults, break up education based on age. At Ortus Academy, we believe that is fundamentally wrong, which is why we like to say we teach Financial Intelligence and break things up in stages.  

It doesn't matter what AGE you are - it matters what STAGE you are!

We all know someone in their 40's that hasn’t figured it all out yet. Just like we know some teens may have had the right guidance and natural curiosity to learn about money. But for most of us, we are all starting at zero, 

Since we’re talking about the space of Financial Intelligence, it doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s a self-awareness that we’re helping develop, and that’s good at any age!

Financially Intelligence -
Making financial decisions that support your values, goals, and communities
because you understand your beliefs, emotions, habits, and mindset -

as well as the mechanics of money.

In From Worry to Wealth, we have broken finance down into 5 stages:

  • Leaving Worry Behind

    • Target Net Worth: $0

    • Monthly Investable Income: $100

  • Laying Your Foundation

    • Target Net Worth: $50,000​

    • Monthly Investable Income: $500

  • Creating Stability

    • Target Net Worth: $250,000​

    • Monthly Investable Income: $1,600

  • Building for Growth

    • Target Net Worth: $1,000,000​

    • Monthly Investable Income: $2,500

  • Unlocking Freedom

    • Target Net Worth: $3,000,000​

    • Monthly Investable Income: $8,000

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If you haven't downloaded and read the first 3 chapters, you have a

limited-time opportunity to do so before the book launches on June 28th. 

We've laid out a systematic method to help you make the transition From Worry to Wealth and have tools, resources, and guidance to help you get there. ​​

In fact, let's introduce you to our Money Positioning System.

The Money Positioning System

Money Positioning System Logo.png

Are you financially lost? Maybe you're unsure which direction to go. Do you hate the idea of budgeting?

Don't worry, we've been there too - and now, we've got you covered. 

We created The Money Positioning System to help you:

  • Set Financial Goals

  • Track Your Cash, Stocks, Retirement, & Other Investments, Income, & Monthly Recurring Spending

    • ​Income tracking is especially great for freelancers and gig workers!

  • Make better debt decisions

  • Calculate your net worth

  • Make the best Financial Decisions!


The Money Positioning System will help you get a 


MPS is a high-powered Google Spreadsheet with a step-by-step process and all the math done for you! There is no coding and no formulas required. Simply input your numbers, once a week, and let MPS do the work for you.

At the end of three months, MPS will have enough information to give you some great advice on your debt profile, and suggestions on where to spend and invest your money. 

The Money Positioning System typically is a part of our Financial Stability course. 

But, if you are here, you were invited by someone who wants to see you succeed.

So, we're giving you access for free. 

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