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You want to take your money more seriously.

Order From Worry to Wealth, a new book by Ben Lyons & Ortus Academy and learn

How you can make this year your best financial year!

Everyone’s journey with money is very personal and very different. 

When you think of it, age is a poor indicator of where someone actually is with their level of Financial Intelligence. We prefer to help people based on what Stage they are in based on their levels of Net Worth (Assets - Debts) and Monthly Investable income (Monthly Income - Expenses).

Our goal is to help you achieve your best financial self so you can improve your relationships, health and career.

The Stages of Wealth

Course Level

Leaving Worry Behind

>$500 MII
> $50K Net Worth

Laying Your Foundations

>$1,600 Monthly Investable Income
> $250K Net Worth

Creating Stability

>$3,000 Monthly Investable Income
> $1M Net Worth

Building For Growth

>$8,000 Monthly Investable Income

> $3M Net Worth

Unlocking Financial Freedom

$8,000+ Monthly Investable Income
> $5M Net Worth


Foundations Level

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If you find yourself in the Leaving Worry Behind or Laying the Foundations Stages, we’d encourage you to begin with the financial basics taught in the Foundations and Stability levels of our online education suite, Money Club. 

Learn More
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Stability Level



The basics of personal finance for adults: Money Personalities, How to Earn More, Spend Less, Budget, and Investing basics.

Stocks & Investing

Learn beyond the basics of Investing in the stock market, how to manage emotions and volatility and learn directly with special guest Ollen Douglass from The Motley Fool.

Read More >

Credit & Debt

Learn how to improve your credit score, prioritize debt payments, consolidate, rebuild, and make your credit cards work for you.

MPS Logo - Small

Money Positioning System 

Access this high-powered Google Sheet that will help you determine your Net Worth & Monthly Investable Income, Track your expenses, income, and so much more - this sheet will do it all with ease and without having to do the math.

Growth Level

If you have your finances under control, in the Stability or Growth levels, and you’re ready to level up your wealth building game,  we invite you to check out our Growth level programs in Money Club. 

Travel Hackers Passport.jpg

Travel Hacker's Course

Unlock free travel by mastering your credit game! Travel Hacking is a proven method of saving thousands of dollars on flights and travel, all while boosting your credit score! Even if you do this with just one card, you will double your money back. 

We've built a step-by-step course and a tool that will systematize much of the process for you. You just have to enter the data and enjoy the free travel!

Reliable Real Estate Investing.png

A Real Estate Investing Coach, Cohort &
Online Course Like No Other

Avoid costly mistakes. Move quickly on deals. Create personal accountability. Begin your real estate investing journey with Ortus Academy’s Reliable Real Estate Investing Cohorts.

  • Instruction - 12+ Hours of pre-recorded content that covers every topic you'll need to begin investing with confidence 

  • Coaching - Eight 90-Minute live zoom classes that expand on the lessons and provide you a space to ask questions and evaluate deals together 

  • Resources - Digital tools and guides to help you easily evaluate investment opportunities, risks, and your return on investment

  • Expertise - Access to our Wealth Strategist Ben Lyons and his nearly 40 years of real estate expertise 

  • Accountability - Guided course structure with project milestones to keep you moving forward

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*Ortus Academy is not a financial advising company.
ll financial information is designed to educate, not intended to be solicited advice for financial decisions.*

© Copyright 2021, Ortus Enterprises, Corp.

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