Ikigai Worksheet

What is your Reason for Being?


Discovering your ideal line of work and where to dedicate yourself is a serious concern for most people.


Where can you feel most useful for your talents, while being passionate about your impact, and being rewarded well for what you're doing?

Finding this careful balance is what the Japanese concept and practice of Ikigai addresses. Translated to English, it roughly means "your reason for being" or "what you wake up for in the morning." What do you wake up for?

Find Your Path with this Ikigai Worksheet

If you are looking for purpose in your work, education, and life - download our interactive Ikigai Worksheet PDF. 


This Ikigai Worksheet will walk you through each step in the process of identifying your:

  1. Skills - What are you Good at?

  2. Passions - What do you Love?

  3. Market - What does the World need?

  4. Pay - What will Reward you well?