If you put money to the wrong intention, you'll go the wrong way faster. 

Gabe Bustos

Ortus Academy Director of Education

Giver | Investor

As Education Director, Gabe Bustos brings 6 years of educational management and development to the Ortus team. He closely helped an energy start-up greeNEWit grow from 4 employees into a $2 million/year company and has since been running an environmental STEAM education business called Elemental Education. Through Elemental Education, he has created and delivered 4 different interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) programs on renewable energy and hydroponic farming to over 40,000 students at 80 schools around Maryland.

Gabe is a highly creative, motivated, and autonomous professional who thrives in collaborative and dynamic work environments. In addition, he is a bilingual native Spanish speaker with a strong passion for social entrepreneurship, experiential education, and tech-driven impact solutions.

His background in financial intelligence is rooted in a business degree from the Smith School of Business at College Park, and since then, he has run accounting and financial management for 4 different businesses including an organic food market, an advertising company, and energy start up, and his own STEAM Education business.

Gabe leads our team in curriculum development, building our online levels, and is an amazing mentor to our team of interns.