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A proven & personalized path to reliably grow your wealth 

Regardless of where you are with your money today, From Worry To Wealth provides you a proven step-by-step action plan to reach a net worth of $1 Million

This is not about getting rich quickly, it is about learning, using The Wealth Formula, to grow wealth reliably.

"No one has even broken down wealth generation in such a systematic way.
The Wealth Formula made understanding wealth generation simple and I have a path, an action plan, and a community to help me earn a million dollars"

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~ Julian

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Your Way to $20K: An Income Self-Assessment

This Income Self-Assessment will help you determine your best options to hit the Investable Income goal of $20k per year.

The Money Positioning System 

The Money Positioning System is an interactive financial tracking tool to help you identify, track, and grow your net worth and monthly investable income. 

Video Mini-Course - From Worry to Wealth

15 bite-sized videos from Ben Lyons and the Ortus team on the key lessons of From Worry to Wealth


Money Personality Test 

Learn if you’re a Spender, Protector, Giver or Investor… the pros and cons of each, and how you can improve your Money Personality.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

The goal of this book is not just to help you understand that there is a sustainable path to long-term wealth generation, but also to give you the tools, awareness, and support to help you find yours. 



A proven step-by-step process to build wealth over time.


Why your Net Worth is more important than your salary.


How to earn $20k a year of surplus investable income.


How to shift your time from tension-relieving activities to goal-achieving activities.


Which asset strategies make the most sense for you to invest in.


How to use simple budgeting, saving, and cost reduction strategies to increase your investable income.


How to leverage people to help you earn more.


How to find your own unique recipe of the Wealth Creation Formula.


How to leverage financing to help you acquire more asset value.


How to overcome the mindset of fear, scarcity, and victimhood to help you push through any barrier.

... and MUCH MORE.

How You Can Become A Millionaire

Everyone’s path to wealth is different, but they ALL have 4 things in common:


  1. They create Investable Income - Surplus monthly income to invest for growth 

  2. They invest in Assets - Like stocks, real estate & businesses that grow in value and/or can produce more income 

  3. They utilize Leverage - Like financing to help them acquire more asset value with less money of their own

  4. They utilize Time - like compound interest to let their money multiply on it’s own 

These 4 variables make up the Wealth Creation Formula:


Wealth Creation = Investable Income x Asset Acquisition x  Leverage x Time


The secret to growing wealth is discovering your own unique application of these 4 variables. 

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Reviews & Praise for From Worry to Wealth

"Ben lays out the path to wealth in a clear and straightforward way. I always told myself I didn't need to be wealthy, but after reading this book I've identified what wealth is to me and that has motivated me to pursue that aim."

Nick - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Nick

"It gives names and normalized what had been a source of fear for me and empowered me to combat them.

My simple recommendation would be, if you struggle with money and feel ashamed by it, read this as a way to begin"

Marty - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Marty

"Understanding the different strategies to apply based on what financial stage I'm in is great learning.  I also appreciate how Ben breaks down the strategies into simple concepts and goals."

Simone - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Simone

"This book lays out step by step ways to maximize your potential wealth based upon a personalized strategy to solve the wealth equation formula. "

Tasha - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Tasha

"Do your future self a favor - buy this book, read it, and put it into action! You deserve it!

The book is just the beginning, the bonus tools provided me value well beyond the cost and helped me double my savings in 3 months."

Josh - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Josh

"As a previous Dave Ramsey follower, they imprint into your mind to eliminate any forms of debt, yet this book covered what could be considered healthy or acceptable levels of debt in the form of leverage in order to increase investable income levels."

Cody - Quote for From Worry to Wealth

~ Cody

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A Little More About From Worry to Wealth

Money problems are the #1 cause of divorce and the #2 cause of stress. Money touches every corner of our lives, from our relationships, to our health and our career, and while it may not directly buy happiness, it certainly enables us to pursue it. 


By discovering your own personal strategies to solve the four variables of the wealth formula—investable income, acquiring assets, leverage, and time—you will unlock the power to follow the path to wealth with confidence. You need a roadmap to wealth, but not a generic “one size fits all” one. You need a map of you. 

Ben Lyons - Real Estate Investor & Author From Worry to Wealth

Meet Ben Lyons

Ben Lyons is a 37-year veteran of the mortgage banking and real estate industries. He began his career in 1983 immediately after graduating high school, and by the age of 25, he owned 100 rental properties and a million-dollar lending business. Since then, he has been an initial investor and large shareholder of a commercial bank, a title company, a consumer finance company, and three mortgage banks. 

He has owned and managed over 375 residential and commercial real estate projects, and his lending organizations have produced more than 6.5 billion dollars in mortgages. 


In partnership with Ortus Academy, he has written a life-changing book to inspire and guide you to leaving financial pain behind.


Whether it’s through the Money Personality Quiz (where you’ll uncover your natural tendencies with money) or the Your Way to 20k income self-assessment (where you’ll discover your most effective strategies to earn more income and build asset value), these lessons and tools will give you the self-awareness you need to plan your most effective strategies to improve your habits, earn more income, build asset value, and climb the mountain from worry to wealth.


Together, we want to help you set financial goals, reach them, and leave worry behind as you continue on your journey toward financial freedom.

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