Financial Literacy Resources + Tools

We learn about and teach about money, because it provides access to a better life. 

For better or for worse, money determines ​many of the outcomes and opportunities in our lives.


Where you can live, where your kids go to school, where you can travel, your nutrition, healthcare, and so on.

This is why Ortus Academy put together this awesome collection of Financial Literacy Resources. 

We built this so that you, your family, your classroom, and your community can enhance your financial IQ.


The following Financial Literacy Resources ​include free ebooks, videos, games, tools, courses, and more!

Essential money lessons in a Free Ebook featuring free Tools, Resources, Action Steps, & Conversation Starters to help you teach money in a meaningful way.

A Free Quiz to Discover:

- Your Money Personality

- How it shows up in your life

- How to improve your life with this knowledge

Read the financial education blog for tools, resources, videos, and articles to help teachers and parents to engage Millennials and Gen Z to learn about money in a fun and relatable way!

Our YouTube channel debuts a new video every week on how you can greatly impact those you love with fun, meaningful, and relatable money insights.

Free 1 hr Mini-Course on how to break the Online Shopping Addiction, featuring:

- 5 Educational Videos

- 2 Teaching Games

- 12 Strategies to spend less and to save more.

An Interactive Interest Calculator to show the immense power of compound interest, and the obvious benefits of starting to save and invest young! 

Our premier Financial Intelligence Course.

7+ hours of online Games, Videos, Stories, & Life Tools to learn about money and to design a wealthy life!

Free Mini-Course on:

 - Banking

 - Paychecks & Taxes

 - Checks & Digital Currency

 - Loans & Credit

An amazing Career Discovery Activity to explore education and careers that satisfy the 4 essential components of a fulfilling and happy career. 

An Online Support Community to share, ask, answer, and connect Ortus Academy Coaches and people on their Financial Intelligence journeys towards independent lives!

"You either master money, or, on some level, it masters you.”

― Tony Robbins

Money Club Logo

Money Club is a Financial Intelligence Course and Community for Young Adults.


Money Club develops the behaviors, concepts, and skills essential to start on the right path in personal finance!


We designed a course for young adults to learn about money and finance that is accessible and practical. It is online, mobile, interactive, and self-paced to work with busy schedules.