Does Social-Emotional Learning lead to more effective long term financial behavior change? 

Researched and Authored by Miya Herman and Riya Gupta

Financial intelligence: A White Paper For Education

Since its inception, Ortus Academy has been passionate about finding more effective ways to teach people about money. 


We always had a strong sense that money is deeply emotional, and in order to create lasting behavior change with money, we needed to be having conversations at a much deeper level than traditional Financial Literacy education was having them.


The more we stopped talking about the numbers (taxes, budgeting, loans etc..) and we started talking about the meaning we place on those numbers (identity, emotions, behaviors etc..), the more our students would engage. Our classes quickly began sounding more like group therapy sessions than an economics class, and we could tell we were making real progress. Students were reflecting on their spending habits, discovering their money personalities and setting meaningful goals for their continuing education. Then they became interested in learning budgeting or taxes or loans, because they saw why it affected what they really cared about.


So then we became really curious - Does Social-Emotional Learning lead to more effective long term financial behavior change?  


Our experience suggested that it did, but what did the research say. 


In 2020, Ortus Academy partnered with two students from Johns Hopkins School of Business to compile research on the effectiveness of infusing Social-Emotional Learning with traditional Financial Literacy. 


The following White Paper summarizes our findings and presents a new path forward for more effectively educating people of all ages how to develop a healthy relationship with money and create lasting behavior change. 

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We work with schools, businesses, and organizations that see the importance of providing financial education to their members. 

We've built a virtual suite of courses for every member of the community to learn how to earn, save, spend wisely, budget, set goals, and so much more. 

Our courses are broken up into stages: 

  • Financial Foundations (ideal for youth)

  • Financial Stability (ideal for adults)

  • Financial Growth (ideal for adults who are ready)

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