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A Guided Experience Towards Financial Stability

"My business grows when my team grows. 
so it’s in everyone's best interest to be
financially intelligent together."

Ortus Navigator

Financial Coaching For You & Your Team

Navigating business choices is like navigating a sailboat, a familiar analogy. Navigated properly, the wind can take us to safety and give us all kinds of future opportunities.

Whether this is a time of prosperity or recession, enlisting a coach to support you can help you perform at your best and hit your goals. We first work with identifying your stage of business and then giving you the tools, when you are invested in applying coaching properly, that could generate an ROI of 5 - 7x your coaching investment. 


We’ll help you navigate your next few days, weeks or months as a business owner, giving you the best and most clear path to safety and prosperity

Online Course

What Choices Do I have? 


If your product or service can remain the same, but your area of focus or delivery mechanism changes, this is you.


If your product and delivery method BOTH need to change, this is you.


If your business cash reserves are low, and you do not have personal funds to keep it afloat or keep yourself afloat, this is you.


If your product or service can remain the same, but your area of focus or delivery mechanism changes, this is you.


This involves evaluating what your company does best and critically thinking through and trying new ways to deliver that magic to your loyal customers.


This could require retooling to make a conversion to an online product or service. It could be digitizing your services, building an online course, or figuring out how to run virtual meetings, webinars, home tours, or job fairs - all of which we have been involved in.


But if your product doesn’t need to change, your ability to survive depends on punching through the wall with a new method, and doing so without waste.



If your product and delivery method BOTH need to change, this is you.

It’s possible that what you have always done won’t work in our current situation. If your company has the ability, now might be the perfect time to try something new - to shift the way you see your company's solution to the problem you're passionate about solving and the way you deliver it.


Perhaps it is time to see if you have a solution for a different audience or problem altogether. Now might not seem like the best time to start something new - it can seem risky. But, if done right, you might have found new relevance and managed to navigate the storm. When this is over, you could be better off.


If your business cash reserves are low, and you do not have personal funds to keep it afloat or keep yourself afloat, this is you.

Some companies aren’t able to make the transition online with current resources or without risking it all. There are difficult decisions that have to be made, but Pulling may feel the hardest.


Your company has a responsibility to every person and company you are connected to, including you as an owner. While furloughing, laying people off or closing is the tough decision that no entrepreneur enjoys, it may give your team a chance to get support and give you much needed stability.


But, sometimes the most Financially Intelligent decision a company can make is to safeguard their family and their employees. 


Let Us help power your punch, pivot or pull!

The Ortus Navigator is a coaching service that stands beside you through the storm.

Together we will:

  • Review your financials and determine what your numbers mean for your future

  • Identify your pivot options and possible courses of action

  • Develop specific action steps based on your resources, team and skills

  • Guide you through your potential online conversion

  • Step by step guides for moving your services and/or products online

  • Direct marketing, content creation, and systematization to ensure minimal waste


If you’re committed to figuring out your next steps, and you realize that doing it alone might mean you make mistakes, we’re here to help. We won’t offer services unless we feel confident that we can assist your business.


Navigator Will

Power Up Your Pivot

Increase Work Performance

Get Leadership Fired-Up

Improve Business Sustainability

Provide Calm in the Storm

Navigator ISN't FOR YOU

This Navigator service is not for everyone.

Being coached requires grit, tenacity and patience - along with a lot of work.

As a business owner, it's apparent you have these traits. 

But those we work with are now experiencing a range of successes, beyond just financial.

Here's The Fine Print

The nature of the Ortus Navigator and client relationship is advisory only.
Clients take full responsibility for all business decisions made with or without the guidance of the our Navigator Coaches. Specifically, all companies using our services agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ortus Academy and the individual Navigator Coaches from any claim, action, liability, or suit arising from actions taken by the client as a result of advice offered by Ortus Academy & our team.

If you're ready -- Let us help you get calm and clear, so you can take full advantage

of what could be your ‘last shot’ to realize your vision. 


“People around me are panicked. Or they are hiding under a rock. I see that more probably. I’ve felt like I had a good handle on what I could do, but now I have a much clearer vision of what I need to do. I feel much better knowing my numbers, too. A guestimate wasn’t good enough.”


Yoga Studio

"The team at Ortus Academy helped me get straight with where I was, what options I had and how to make them happen, then they stepped in to make it happen. With a small team, who had never done this, I feel like we got the right help at the right time and their guidance helped us not only earn money after the pivot, but save money on the conversion to online delivery.”


Career Coach

“In just one call I felt calm and clear. I was panicked, and I didn’t know what to do. Now I know what to do and can think a little more clearly. I feel like I can be the leader I know I am again. Thanks Ortus Academy!”


Restaurant Owner 

“Not only did I get my business more stable but I got my team more stable with their money personally. Now that I know they are good and have tools and support, I can focus on the business and making sure we are able to ride this storm all the way through. I feel Ortus helped me be a better leader for them too.”


Restaurant Owner 

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