"My employees are like family and they are stressed about money! Which stresses me and effects our culture."

Employee Financial Wellness Programs

Since graduating high school, how often have you had to use Pythagorean’s theorem? How often have you had to manage a budget – your own or for a project/business? Don’t you wish you had learned how to make smart financial decisions before you started earning money? Most people do.

School failed to teach us – and now businesses are feeling that consequence. It is estimated that 35% of the workforce is feeling financial stress and that it interferes with their work productivity. How is our team supposed to focus when they are worried about paying their bills and taking care of their children – especially now in Covid times.

We know you have a lot on your plate trying to run and grow your business while striving for some semblance of work-life balance. We also know you care about your team, so do we – let us help engage and educate them. Let us help them build or rebuild their Financial Stability so they can get back to being their best.

Here is how our Employee Financial Wellness Programs works:

Over the course of a year, we will provide a series of 4 ninety-minute workshops – either in-person or virtually depending on your needs. Your team will also have access to our Financial Stability level of online self-paced courses, topic specific videos and interviews, interactive tools, guides, and access to our Financial Coaches who provide unbiased, and personal holistic financial well-being.



Our series of 4 ninety-minute workshops are done quarterly and are highly engaging and interactive - even when hosted virtually. 



Money Club is our online Financial Intelligence platform. Your team will have yearlong access to our self-paced courses with lessons available for every financial stage.



Our online community is a place to find inspiration, help, and to share. We also have Financial Coaches to help build a personalized in-depth plan for your team members.



Our self-assessments will help your team determine where they are and how to get where they want. 

We'll supply you with quarterly usage reports as well as an anonymous overview of your teams financial stress level.



For those that are ready for it, we have additional courses and resources available for individual purchase. There is no pressure and we never share your teams information!

Investing in our employees is the best thing I can do for them - and for my business. 

By showing them we care, they are better members of the team, and our retention rates have increased.

~ Stephanie,  Baltimore Area Business Owner 

Need more data?

John Hancock's Financial Stress Survey found that 69% of workers were stressed over their finances, with fully 72% admitting to worrying about their personal finances at work. Someone stressed about money simply can’t operate at their highest potential. 

Oh, it's also the #1 requested benefit of Millennials & Generation Z team members.

According to Forbes, Financial Wellness is a must-have benefit for today's modern workforce. It is also the number one request from employees - especially those that are just entering the workforce. Many are riddled with student debt. Others are 23 and earning $80,000+ a year - with little control or discipline on how to budget, invest, or plan for their future. 

Lastly, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “In the wake of the recession, many employers have seen how financial distress reduces worker productivity, increases absenteeism, and undermines employees’ health.”


66% of Americans don't have
$1000 in emergency savings

Most Americans are 1-2 paychecks away from significant debt, bankruptcy, or even homelessness. This, often unknown, stress can lead to poor health, mental illness, and reduced capacity for creative problem solving.


35% of employees say financial stress interferes with work

Meaning you have team members missing work, are less focused and engaged, as well as less productive than non-financially stressed colleagues. It can easily lead to higher rates of turnover - costing you thousands each year.


80% of employees want financial wellness from their employer


According to a recent Forbes article, Financial Wellness is the #1 requested benefit by employees. Investing in your team's success can ignite the success of your company.


You're company may be 
losing an average of
$2,450 per employee/year 

It is estimated that financially stressed employees cost businesses $7,000/year in lost productivity, and with 35% of employees feeling financial stress, it is costing you.

What Makes Us Different?


We know there are hundreds of workshops that help people learn about how money works, what it means to make certain choices, and how knowledge can help them get ahead. While knowledge is important, money choices generally are emotionally driven, so many workshops deliver great value in the moment but fail to create stickiness and make meaningful change for teams and businesses. 


Our workshops skew towards emotional, behavioral and habitual education, to help someone make meaningful change and understand themselves and their choices better. This gives them more personalized input and more customized action steps so that their decisions can be improved, and stress can begin to subside from the moment they leave the workshop.

Financial Literacy




Employee Financial Wellness Workshops


Financial Wellness workshops can change the way your team acts in and out of the office and increase team synergy and overall output. 

Money is such a powerful part of the workforce. Not only does it drive why employees put in their beloved time and energy, but it’s the lifeblood of a business.


Managing cashflow, making choices and looking at the motivations for our decisions is a part of any business, but also every single household. So Financial Wellness can uplift both your business and your employees home life. 


We all know someone that has made choices and not realized what the consequences would be. For Gen Z and Millennials, this has become even easier in the realm of money because of digital currency, access to credit and predatory lending practices.

​In this Financial Stability Workshop, we’ll discuss the effect of our choices and the way our choices can improve or destroy our ability to handle the stress and unexpected life events financially.

We'll have some fun playing games - but with real meaning.


Setting Goals doesn't have to just relate to financial goals. We've built an awesome system for how to get a team all on the same page and working toward the same end point. 

Our team can help yours get rid of the noise, figure out what is important, and make a plan to go get it. 

Often, it's not about adding - it's about taking stuff away. Removing the complex  to get to the simple and most crucial - excelling your business growth and efficiency.

choose your own adventure

4th Workshop

Our final workshop with your team is based on your teams specific needs. 

We have additional workshops on specific topics, like:

  • Stocks &  Investment

  • Insurance

  • Home Ownership

  • and more.

If we don't have something already built, we can discuss your needs and we will find the subject matter experts that will help us build a workshop specifically for your team.

Money Club On Laptop.jpg

Access to our Money Club Suite

This is our premier Financial Intelligence Platform,
it is full of educational resources. 

It will help the members of your team learn: 

  • Their personality type with money

  • How to think like an entrepreneur

  • How to earn, save & budget

  • The importance of specialized knowledge & continued learning


It includes 10+ hours of online material:

  • Videos, Stories & Games

  • Real-Life Tools to learn about themselves, money, and how to design a meaningful life!

  • Content for their entire family!


Virtual Support - Our Online Community

The Money Club Lounge is our private members only Facebook group. It is a place for our members to directly connect with us, their peers, and our coaches. It is a place for accountability, sharing, and learning outside of a workshop or course format. 

Meet some of our members:



Awesome Resource for my business & team!

“Not only did I get my business more stable but I got my team more stable with their money personally. Now that I know they are good and have tools and support, I can focus on the business and making sure we are able to ride this storm all the way through. I feel Ortus helped me be a better leader for them too.”

Kim is the owner of a cafe/bakery near Ellicott City, MD. 


Great Investment for my team!

Investing in this financial education for my team keeps my employees growing which makes me feel like I’m living out my business core values, and has helped double our revenue this year because everyone seems aligned. It’s also helped us feel and operate as a stronger team, so I would say this investment is one I’d HIGHLY recommend to other business owners!

Steve Chu is the owner and award winning chef at Ekiben in Baltimore, MD.


Perfect for Financial Improvement

If you want to get a better idea on how finances impact your daily life, Money Club is for you. It is put together in a way that allows people from multiple stages in life to jump in and understand how their money works and what adjustments they can take to better prepare themselves. The tools and information gathered here will be things that I can use for decades to come!

Scott is a Money Club Independent Learner


Excellent Investment In Myself

This got me caught up to where I thought I should be in the process of "adulting."


I feel more confident managing my money now and am no longer afraid to look at my bills or accounts each month.

Emily is a Money Club Independent Learner

Assessment & Reporting

We know you want to know how it is going - we're happy to share!

We're a big fan of the old quote 'What gets measured gets managed.' But, it is important to remember that not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that we can measure matters.

That being said, our members get access to a number of self-assessment tools to help them determine where they are in the spectrum of Financial Stability.

'You have to know where you are before you can
figure out where you want to go' ~ Coach Josh

For you - we'll provide you with regular reports that show course activity as well as a quarterly snapshot of your team's Financial Stress Level. 

We've seen an average of 67% of employees feel more confident and less stressed, as a result of Ortus Academy's workshops and access to Money Club!

Image by Riccardo Annandale


For those members of your team who are ready for the next step, we have additional courses and resources available.
These opportunities are beyond the scope of Employee Wellness. They vary by price, topic, and details but are all for individual purchase.

There is no pressure. While our material is built in-house by our team, we do have partners that help in the creation or promotion of our programs and services. However, we will never share your teams information!



We have a committed group of members who want that extra encouragement.

We host weekly group calls  with one of our coaches to help you set goals and stay on track!

Man Using a Tablet


Your team can get access to personalized
and unbiased
Financial Coaching.

Some companies add this in to their Employee Wellness Programs.

Regardless, sometimes your team might need a little more coaching.
We're here to help!

Jenga Video Pic 2.jpg


We've have other courses available, for every member of the family. 

Our Foundations Level courses are great for teens looking to get started. 

Our Growth Level courses dive deep into specific topics for those ready for them.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have team members that aren't Millennials or Generation Z?

We believe that understanding money and developing the right skills with it are less about age and more about stage. So, we are always here to provide education to everyone that is interested to making change. Our style, content, examples, and way of introducing concepts may be more aligned to younger audiences, but we have no opposition to serving clients that may have team members that don’t fall in the Millennial to Gen Z age windows. We are happy to serve businesses that believe this education is important.

How long are the workshops you host?

In-person workshops generally run a half-day. We offer abbreviated workshops as well, generally as follow-on services once per quarter from our kickoff event. Our virtual workshops generally span no more than 90 minutes. We often offer virtual services in sequence because we know how hard it can be to sit and listen in a traditional conference call for anymore than that.

Do you provide workshops and online content separately?

Workshops and content can be provided separately. We believe that providing them together provides the most value to your team, but we are open to serving you based on your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

We work to provide valuable education and experiences for all of our clients. Given that each business has their own wants, needs, and expectations we work closely with each organization to craft a custom package. We're happy to give you a quote. Use the contact box below to reach out and let us know: 1) Which service you are looking to implement. 2) The number of people you expect to be invovled. 3) Your business location (if in-person is preferred). 4) Any budgetary expectations -- this way we can give you an idea as to what we might be able to provide at your price point, and make this process easy and efficient for you as possible.

Some of our clients:

Ready to go, or if you need more information:


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