"My employees are like family and they are stressed about money! Which stresses me and effects our culture."

Employee Financial Wellness Programs


Why Should I Provide this benefit?

John Hancock's Financial Stress Survey found that 69% of workers were stressed over their finances, with fully 72% admitting to worrying about their personal finances at work. Someone stressed about money simply can’t operate at their highest potential. 

Oh, it's also the #1 requested benefit of Millennials & Generation Z team members.

According to Forbes, Financial Wellness is a must-have benefit for today's modern workforce. It is also the number one request from employees - especially those that are just entering the workforce. Many are riddled with student debt. Others are 23 and earning $80,000+ a year - with little control or discipline on how to budget, invest, or plan for their future. 

Lastly, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “In the wake of the recession, many employers have seen how financial distress reduces worker productivity, increases absenteeism, and undermines employees’ health.”

Investing in our employees is the best thing I can do for them - and for my business. 

By showing them we care, they are better members of the team, and our retention rates have increased.

~ Stephanie,  Baltimore Area Business Owner 

We see hundreds of workshops that help people learn about how money works, what it means to make certain choices, and how knowledge can help them get ahead. While knowledge is important, money choices generally are emotionally driven, so many workshops deliver great value in the moment but fail to create stickiness and make meaningful change for teams and businesses. 


Our workshops skew towards emotional, behavioral and habitual education, to help someone make meaningful change and understand themselves and their choices better. This gives them more personalized input and more customized action steps so that their decisions can be improved, and stress can begin to subside from the moment they leave the workshop.


Financial Wellness workshops can change the way your team acts in and out of the office and increase team synergy and overall output. 

Money is such a powerful part of the workforce. Not only does it drive why employees put in their beloved time and energy, but it’s the lifeblood of a business.


Managing cashflow, making choices and looking at the motivations for our decisions is a part of any business, but also every single household. So Financial Wellness can uplift both your business and your employees home life. 


We all know someone that has made choices and not realized what the consequences would be. For Gen Z and Millennials, this has become even easier in the realm of money because of digital currency, access to credit and predatory lending practices.

​In this Financial Stability Workshop, we’ll discuss the effect of our choices and the way our choices can improve or destroy our ability to handle the stress and unexpected life events financially.

We'll have some fun playing games - but with real meaning.


Setting Goals doesn't have to just relate to financial goals. We've built an awesome system for how to get a team all on the same page and working toward the same end point. 

Our team can help yours get rid of the noise, figure out what is important, and make a plan to go get it. 

Often, it's not about adding - it's about taking stuff away. Removing the complex  to get to the simple and most crucial - excelling your business growth and efficiency.



Bring our motivating educational team to coach your students to financial literacy and success!


Financial decision scores increase by 32% and gameplay net worth by 42% on average.


Game materials, technology, writing instruments - we bring everything necessary to play!


Takeaway worksheets, resources, and digital toolkits to take action in the real world.

Access to our Money Club Suite

This is our premier Financial Intelligence course database, full of educational resources. 

It will help the members of your team learn: 

  • Their personality type with money

  • How to think like an entrepreneur

  • How to earn, save & budget

  • The importance of specialized knowledge & continued learning


It includes 10+ hours of online material:

  • Videos, Stories & Games

  • Real-Life Tools to learn about themselves, money, and how to design a meaningful life!

  • Content for their entire family!

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