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Educators 2 Educators Conference 
Teacher Fall Reboot 2020

October 3, 2020

We're honored to be a part of this years Educators 2 Educators conference!

This is a free online conference you can access from anywhere in the world.  All presentations are pre-recorded and available on Saturday, October 3rd from 6 am CST to 11:59 pm CST.

Ortus Academy's CEO & Co-Founder, Aaron Velky, and our team have put together something special for you and your students focusing on financial literacy.


FOR YOU: We have some awesome tools and resources to help you learn how to budget and save money, pay off your debt, organize your finances and much more. We'll help you get inspired, take control of your financial future, and help you stay on track. 

FOR YOUR STUDENTS: We'll share some other tools to help you teach and talk about money with your students. We know how hard it can be to teach financial literacy, even more so when you are virtual. We'll share some resources, games, and conversation starters we've learned working with over 2500 students. 

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We work with schools, businesses, and organizations that see the importance of providing financial education to their members. 

We've built a virtual suite of courses for every member of the community to learn how to earn, save, spend wisely, budget, set goals, and so much more. 

Our courses are broken up into stages: 

  • Financial Foundations (ideal for youth)

  • Financial Stability (ideal for adults)

  • Financial Growth (ideal for adults who are ready)

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