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Experience Money Club - an immersive financial literacy program delivered by Ortus Academy.

Financial Intelligence can be fun!?

Bring engaging interactive financial education to your school. 

Money Club is a financial literacy program built to put knowledge of money in the hands of young adults. Ortus Academy has delivered the program in person to 1,400 students in 32 schools and organizations around Baltimore.


Money Club engages students in an experience of financial decision making, consequences, and lessons, alongside their peers for reinforcement.

"I've never seen my students so engaged in learning!" - most common feedback from Teachers

“Your students need to experience the most interactive, engaging financial literacy program in Baltimore!!!” - Washington DC Teacher


Bring our motivating educational team to coach your students to financial literacy and success!


Financial decision scores increase by 32% and gameplay net worth by 42% on average.


Game materials, technology, writing instruments -- we bring everything necessary to play!


Takeaway worksheets, resources, and digital toolkits to take action in the real world.

Experience Money Club in Person


Money Club is the most hands-on way to teach financial decision making to young adults!​

By challenging students in an environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration, we want to encourage students to problem-solve their way to a better understanding of the one thing that everyone is after.

Your students will walk away with a better understanding of money, how it works, why they should work hard to earn more, and what more can do for their lifestyle. 


Each program starts with playing Money Club, our unique, high energy, life stage based learning game. 

Students rotate through the 8 stations of money, led by our team of financial coaches who play the roles of landlord, bill collector, employer, and investment banker. Each station of the game is unique. For example in order to a collect a paycheck at that station, students must complete some fun motivational physical exercises.


Each money state reflects real life events and financial concepts, and each teaches the cause and effect relationships between strategically making financial decisions over time. 

A lap around the room simulates a year.  After 5 years of gameplay, we announce the winners at the end who created the highest net worth from their decisions. The gameplay cleverly rewards planning, delayed gratification to reach goals, entrepreneurial thinking, and using math to arrive at practical solutions.

Sessions set students up for financial success, with focuses such as:

  • Making informed financial decisions

  • Relating careers, education, and income

  • Planning, budgeting, and managing money

  • Managing risks and preserving wealth

  • Creating passive income and investing



Bring Money Club to your School!

Games are best suited for up to 30 students. It runs approximately 1.5 hours, plus a half hour setup.

Our teaching staff is accompanied by volunteer coaches from community organizations as well as students from top universities in the state, including Loyola, UMBC, Johns Hopkins, UBalt, Morgan State, and Towson.

Please contact us to discuss a program that fits your school or organization, and we will be happy to assist!

We Supply


  • Money Club Game Materials

  • Play Cash for up to 30 Students

  • Progress Tracking Worksheets and Software

  • Calculators & Pencils

  • Teachers & Coaches

We Require


  • 400+ sq feet of space to play the game.

  • A primary school contact.

  • At least 5 staff members to help.

  • Up to 35 kids enrolled to learn.

Students Receive


  • Hands on learning of one of life’s most valuable and difficult lessons

  • Pre & Post-Game test to evaluate their learning and track their progress

  • Opportunities to have discussions about their future with college students

  • Financial Coaches to educate, lead, and support a Money Club experience.

  • A report of how students performed,  compared to other local area schools

  • Takeaway resources for students, plus free Guide and toolkit for parents.

  • Meet and exceed Maryland Requirements for Financial Literacy Education

Money Club Programs to Fit Your School's Needs

Classroom Online Access

Grade Level Online Access

Schoolwide Online Access

In-Person Money Club Game + Classroom Primer

In-Person Money Club Game + Full Online Course

In-Person Money Club Game + Full In-Person Course



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