Play. Learn. Earn.

Do you ever wish that your younger self know what you know now?

"Happiness is deeper than money, but it depends on being free from financial stress.

"I want my kids to understand the value of hard work to earn a living."

"I want my kids to have the discipline to save money."

"I want my kids to understand that it takes more than working hard, it takes working smart."

"I want my kids to earn interest, not pay it."

Money Club is the world’s first Financial Intelligence Community for Young Adults.


Money Club develops the vocabulary, concepts, and skills essential to start on the right path in personal finance!


We designed a course for young adults that is accessible and practical. It is online and self-paced to work with busy schedules.

$247    $199


Enjoy a fun multimedia experience. Clever stories, graphics, and exercises to grasp and practice personal finance.


Financial decision making scores increase by 32% on average. 4 of 5 students report more interest in finances.


Online shopping. Buying a car. College. Finding a purpose and career. Earning more. Students want this practical knowledge!


Money Club simulates 5 years of financial decisions, teaching by trial and error. See your financial scores improve!

Money Club includes:

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Money Club Game


8 Level Program

Online + Mobile Access


Self-Paced Learning


Unlimited Lifetime Access

Private Support Community

Bonus Resource Kits

Relatable Interviews

100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund.


Money Club is designed to meet you where you are, to build a foundation of financial decision making skills.


Ask. Pitch. Ponder. Share. Engage! Money Club has a community to share our wins, losses, and lessons.


Money Club provides the tools, tips, and resources to take action towards improving your financial life.



High energy videos help you develop a relationship with money and make learning feel like an open conversation. 


Learning sinks in when you get hands-on, so we created special mobile games to assess your personality and activate you where you are.



Take the lessons you’ve learned, plus additional tools, resources, and support, to convert those skills into real life results. 

8 Level Financial Intelligence Course:

1. Welcome to Money Club


We are so glad you have chosen to join us as we teach you what it means to be financially intelligent and how to live a life of meaning. We hope you are prepared and excited to begin.

2. Money Attitudes


Money Attitudes is where our journey with financial intelligence begins. These are what drive our underlying money behaviors. So, if you view money as a tool, what do you do with it?

3. Earning


While happiness is one way in which we can measure wealth, money is the typical measurement. But, how do we earn it? In this lesson, we will help you answer that question.

4. Spending

Spending money isn't a subject that many people feel they need help with. But, how we spend matters a great deal if we are to be financially intelligent.

5. Budgeting


If earning is your offense and spending are your defense -- budgeting is your head coach! Don't get scared by the word budgeting - it can be a great tool to unlock your financial freedom, not hinder it. In this lesson we'll be sharing with you some experience on how it feels to live life without a budget - and with one. You'll get to play a fun game that will help you see how far your money can go. Enjoy!


6. Investing


Real Estate is a great investment vehicle for a lot of people. In the Money Club game you can see the impact on your net worth. In this lesson we'll review how it worked during the game, and show you how it can work in real life. We'll discuss the magic of passive income and what it feels like to be a landlord.


7. Education


For many investing in education is their first significant purchase as an adult. If done wisely, it can set you up for a great future - but if not done well, it can limit your decisions and decrease your happiness. The education pathway is different for everyone - listen to some stories of a few folks we know and hear about their path to specialized knowledge.


8. Take Action


Congrats! You have completed the Money Club course. You are well on your way to becoming Financially Intelligent. Here is a thank you from us and a review of some of the major takeaways.

Prepare your children with the concepts, mindsets, and skills required to navigate their financial lives.

$247    $199

Traditional Approach

  • Workbooks

  • Outdated

  • Boring

  • Technical

  • Generic

  • Logic-based

  • Constraint-oriented

Our Unique Approach

  • Interactive

  • Modern

  • Exciting

  • Individualized

  • Relevant

  • Psychologically-based

  • Abundance-oriented

- Baltimore Mom

"Establishing a child's views and habits on money allows a parent to better coach their children with financial health, while better understanding them as a person."

- High School Teacher, Washington DC

"I've never seen my kids this engaged and interested in learning!"

- Middle School Student, Baltimore

"I learned how important education is. I never realized how just how much difference it can make."

Learn the Rules of the Game for Personal Finance.

By creating an opportunity for students to see salaries, banks, and spending as a game, they can engage questions, mistakes, and successes with an air of experimentation and intrigue, and an informative guide to help along the way.

Learning the rules of the financial game through play generates curiosity, motivation, and retention, while building on skills that are fundamental to success: mathematics, patience, and the effects of decisions on the long term.​

Financial intelligence is not a side effect of wealth. Wealth is a side effect of financial intelligence.


4 out of 5 students surveyed after playing Money Club came away with more interest and knowledge in personal finance, and 4 out of 5 parents reported being impressed with the conversations it started with their kids.


9 out of 10 Teachers recommend our program, often saying "I've never seen my kids this engaged in learning!"

Give your child the best foot forward on their financial path. Enroll your loved ones in Money Club today!

Your kids deserve the best shot you can give them.

Equip them with the skills of financial intelligence!

If you are not 100% satisfied, get a full refund.

100% Guarantee

$247    $199

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