Creating financially intelligent young adults.

Money Club is changing the way young adults and their

families approach money, careers, spending, and the world.

Resources for Parents

"I wish I had this as a kid!"

- Parents (most common comment)

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No one is born making smart financial decisions.

Money has an enormous impact on our lives!


Yet it is missing from our education. Most of what we learn is from trial, and let's be honest, error.

What kids don't learn about money will significantly affect their opportunities, life outcomes, and levels of health and happiness. Look at these stats!


63% of millennials are financially dependent on their parents.


80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.


Millennials are making 20% less than their parents.


70% of students are stressed out about their finances.

"I don't want them to need to move back in after college!"

"I am afraid that my kids

don't understand the

profound impact money

decisions have on their lives."

"I want my children to be content

in their career, and to support

a family without having

too many burdens."

"I want my kid to know the

reality of debt, so he doesn't

have to feel the pain of it."

​What if it was fun to develop financial intelligence!?


Money Club is an interactive online game, course, and community that engages young adults to develop their Financial Intelligence.

Money Club teaches vital financial concepts, vocabulary, and most importantly how one's mindset, habits, and decisions shape the future.

$247   $199



High energy videos help you develop a relationship with money and make learning feel like an open conversation. 


Learning sinks in when you get hands-on, so we created special mobile games to assess your personality and activate you where you are.



Take the lessons you’ve learned, plus additional tools, resources, and support, to convert those skills into real life results. 

For the Family

Money Club was designed for your family.  This course inspires:


  • Conversations at dinner or in the car

  • Dialogue about careers and spending

  • Dreams, life planning, and business ideas


Give your kids the practical knowledge, skills, and tools to lead their financial lives. Learn more about the course, or Join now

in Catonsville

"I have not found a product or program that has had more effect on my children in understanding themselves and the world through financial terms."


in Baltimore

"​Money Club helped teach my child about
money in a way that I couldn't. It was first hand experience and provided a great springboard for having more in-depth conversations after each day."

in Washington, DC

"Both my kids were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about money and financial decision-making."

Elevating through Education

Ortus Academy exists to make an impact and to change lives.


We have worked with over 1,400 students in over 30 schools in and around Baltimore.  We partner with donors, community organizations, and businesses to empower through education.

Learn more about our mission in About Ortus Academy.

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