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Credit makes for an important second workshop because it really is the bridge between our money behaviors (workshop 1) and building wealth (workshop 3). If you can master the credit game, you can master the financial system. 


But the first step to mastering credit is understanding where your money is currently going!

If you haven't completed the survey from last week's workshop,
we would greatly appreciate it - as it will help us deliver
the best workshop next time for you.

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We work with schools, businesses, and organizations that see the importance of providing financial education to their members. 

We've built a virtual suite of courses for every member of the community to learn how to earn, save, spend wisely, budget, set goals, and so much more. 

Our courses are broken up into stages: 

  • Financial Foundations (ideal for youth)

  • Financial Stability (ideal for adults)

  • Financial Growth (ideal for adults who are ready)