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Wealth, money and financial success is not everything, and it’s not the most important aspect of my life.

Ben Lyons

Ortus Academy's Wealth Strategist & Real Estate Investor in Residence

Investor | Spender

Ben Lyons is a 37-year veteran of the mortgage banking and real estate industries and has founded, built, and sold several mortgage banking platforms.

He has owned a commercial bank, a title company, a consumer finance company, a mortgage bank, and has sponsored numerous residential and commercial real estate ventures.

After serving on the boards of several schools, he now volunteers to teach personal finance and is the author of “Be The Bank,” a book about increasing wealth through mortgage investing, and the forthcoming, “From Worry to Wealth” later this year.

Ben is married with four children and lives in Florida and Maryland.

Ortus Academy partnered with Ben to bring a qualified, practiced, and proven real estate system to the Ortus Academy universe. His experience and knowledge combined with our skills in presenting education will help provide many access to real estate that may not have existed.

We believe that together, we can reshape the landscape of real estate investment ownership by providing thousands of individuals with this practical education. It all begins with you and this pilot!